Richard Hamerton-Stove

Watch our latest client presentation:
AI & Disruptive Technology – A pragmatic approach to defending and empowering portfolio companies

Get a glimpse behind closed doors and watch AI & Data Analytics Partner Richard Hamerton-Stove deliver this insightful presentation which sets out our pragmatic and practical three-pronged approach to safeguard and grow your investments. 

He further offers a deep dive into leveraging AI and disruptive technologies for value creation, innovation and operational efficiency. 

This short presentation explores: 

  • Strategic Insights: Learn how to protect your portfolio companies from potential disruptions and carve out a niche in the competitive market through a protective, pre-emptive, and performance-focused approach
  • The People First Approach: Learn how to foster a “digital by default” culture, focusing on employee training and development for a prosperous future
  • Value Creation: Discover practical and pragmatic AI initiatives that drive real value creation, enhancing customer engagement, operational efficiency, and opening avenues for new revenue streams
  • Case Study Analysis: Gain valuable insights from a recent case study that showcases the transformative power of AI-led solutions in enhancing business efficiency and fostering a positive work environment


Equip your firm with the knowledge to thrive in the AI era!

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Submit Your Details To Access The Full Video Presentation Here

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