Welcome to the Panamoure Team.

The team at Panamoure continues to grow and we’re excited to announce new team members by sharing a brief introduction and a warm welcome.


Ankit K
Software Engineer Trainee
Anit joins Panamoure as a Software Engineer Trainee and has skills in Power BI, Python, SQL and Excel.




Claire Powell
Content and Communications Manager
Claire brings 15 years of creative marketing, copywriting and communications experience across the retail, healthcare and charity sectors. A design graduate from the London College of Communication, she is experienced in all aspects of brand marketing and has particular expertise in working with specialists to deliver highly focused, accurate content. At Panamoure, Claire will support the team with copywriting, editing and the creation of marketing and promotional material, ensuring all elements align with the brand.


Deepak Mahara
Power BI Developer
Deepak has 3 years of experience in the analysis, development, validation and implementation of business intelligence reports using Power Bi.



Rajneesh Kumar
Sr. SQL Developer
Rajneesh is a dynamic professional with 10 years experience in Data management and has worked on major relational databases such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle. He also has experience in building a stable and efficient database, performance tuning, writing optimized SQL queries, procedures and functions. Rajneesh has a B.Sc.IT degree.


Riya Aggarwal
Software Engineer Trainee
Riya joins Panamoure as a Software Engineer Trainee and is looking to gain in depth knowledge of the industry and the company. Her skills include python, tableau, Mysql etc.



Sumit Kumar
Software Engineer Trainee
Sumit has completed his B.tech (Information Technology) degree and has 6 months internship experience as a Software Engineer. His skills include, SQL, C, C++, HTML, Testing.



Sunny Hooda
Software Engineer Trainee
Sunny has completed his B.Tech(CS) degree and his skills include SQL, Python, Excel and Power Bi.




Varun Upadhyay
Software Engineer Trainee
Varun joins Panamoure as a Software Engineer Trainee and has knowledge in Excel, MySQL, Python and Power BI.



Viswanadhuni Sai Kumar
Software Engineer (Automation)
Sai Kumar has 3 years experience in Automation Anywhere(AA360). Additionally, he has knowledge and skills in Power Automate and RPA Technology With MS SQL Server.

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We welcome a new starter to our team by sharing a brief introduction and a warm welcome.