Simon Farrell

In our previous piece, we spoke about the tangible benefits that CRMs can bestow on the businesses that use them. However, there is a hidden value in customer relationship management and the related services in the industry.

Businesses attempting to scale and grow, improve profitability and customer reach will understand this isn’t always all that easy! And often a merger can provide the perfect opportunity to quickly and efficiently achieve this. Merging with other businesses that are working towards the same goals can be hugely important and a catalyst for enhanced growth for the combined businesses.

The synergistic effect mergers and acquisitions can deliver, if integration is carried out efficiently, can include making the company more competitive and capturing increased market share in its industry. The greater corporate profile can also result in a larger talent pool to choose from for potential additional employees.

The value that CRM businesses and CRM-related services can add to a corporation in a merger or acquisition has not gone unnoticed either.

Analysis carried out by Panamoure shows that the median Merger and Acquisition valuations for CRM and CRM-related businesses have been rising since 2016 and continued to increase, in spite of the uncertain landscape created by the global pandemic.

In part, the increased value attributed to CRM and CRM-related businesses comes down to the scarcity of companies in that particular sector which come up for sale, especially well-structured companies with a proven track record for driving sales and creating value. It’s also a nod to the continued pivotal role that data has to play in the modern business world.

The introduction of data to CRM strategy comes from technology, so it’s no surprise that there is growing investment interest from the technological field and consumer-facing strategic investors, along with interest from more traditional financial investors.

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