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Almost every day, there are reports of the growing number of cases concerning breaches in cyber security. The risk increases daily due to the increasing number of interconnected devices being added to the internet. Both large and SME sized organisations are being threatened with data encryption and data deletion from external criminal forces demanding cash ransoms. The threats have always been real but are now more prolific – especially so during the COVID lockdown periods and more are publicly shared.

Your organisation’s information and data sets are never fully one hundred percent secure if your systems are exposed to the outside world via the internet and you never know who is trying to access your information. Layers of expensive security on the inside of your organisation can be compromised by a single individual unwittingly browsing insecure websites or clicking on links from ‘foreign’ emails.

Panamoure can protect organisations with implementing practical steps around:

  • Developing appropriate IT Security Policies and procedures
  • Educating organisations on the fundamental building blocks of security and privacy
  • Evolving the online threat and vulnerability landscape for your business and market sector
  • Perform threat modelling and risk assessments and
  • Develop a set of strategies to greatly improve your defences against internal and external cyber threats


Our cyber security risk management identifies, analyses, evaluates and is personalised to your organisation’s cyber security threats. The process replicates real-world enterprise risk management and applies those outputs to the cyber world. Our risk management strategy supports organisations in identifying risks and vulnerabilities and allows us to apply comprehensive security solutions and administrative actions to help keep the entire organisation better protected.

Our cyber risk assessment is the first step of any cyber security risk management process.

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