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Panamoure supports its Private Equity customers through the investment lifecycle from Deal Generation through to Exit Strategy. At the early stage, Panamoure assists funds with CIO resources by attending early access calls to the target’s management team and fleshing out early issues and challenges – which provides buyers with clear insight of what challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

At the exclusivity stage, Panamoure is able to deliver its Due Diligence review process to uncover potential risks and positive opportunities.

Panamoure’s Digital Due Diligence allows Private Equity funds not only to have a truly independent assessment of the key risks and technology capabilities of an organisation but also gives stakeholders the visibility of potential ROI opportunities that:

Reduce Cost

We review the target’s as-is technology landscape and look for cost reduction opportunities

Increase Efficiency

We review opportunities to increase efficiencies through the use of Lean processes and business process improvement as well as the introduction of workflow systems and robotic process automation where appropriate.

Drive Additional Revenue

We review the Digital Platforms of an organisation from a B2B and B2C viewpoint and understand how organisations can better use data and AI to improve digital sales campaigns and attract new customers whilst retaining existing customers.

All of our Digital Due Diligence reviews are bespoke to the target opportunity. We conduct an analysis of the target’s market sector to better understand their services, competitors and the digital opportunities within that landscape, especially disruptor risks. Out of that analysis, we can design a unique DD report for the target with focussed actionable outputs that key stakeholders need to understand – rather than cover DD areas that are not relevant.

For technology-enabled businesses that have either developed their own software or engaged a third-party to develop technologies on their behalf, Panamoure is in the unique market position of having its own software engineering subsidiary in India. This allows us to review and report on the target’s technology stack and advise on the robustness, scalability, and ongoing cost of ownership of that technology.


After agreeing and prioritising the key risks and opportunities identified within the Digital DD review, Panamoure supports the post-acquisition process by proposing ROI strategies on how to best exploit those opportunities within the portfolio business.


For existing portfolio businesses, Panamoure has a Healthcheck service option that replicates the outputs of our more formalised Digital DD but with a smaller scope. This also allows our consultancy to shape a deliverable digital strategy for the portfolio business that is appropriate for the remaining holding investment period for the fund and potentially beyond exit.

“One of our portfolio businesses has been on a growth journey and Panamoure have provided us with some strong IT Due Diligence support with potential acquisitions. They completed a very detailed assessment of the existing IT systems and services of the two target businesses that they were looking to acquire.”

– Investment Director

“Panamoure were able to quickly understand what needed to be done for our accelerated carve out project and through effective project management were able to manage our complex programme, focus our stakeholders, minimise risks and highlight opportunities without breaking a sweat.”


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