The team at Panamoure continues to grow and we’re excited to announce new team members by sharing a brief introduction and a warm welcome.


Akshay Kumar

ETL Tester

Akshay has experience in ETL testing and good knowledge on the following data warehouse concepts – star schema, snowflake schema, fact and dimensions table. He also has hands on experience writing SQL queries.


Piyush Das

Senior Business Analyst

Piyush has 10 years of experience as a business and process analyst. He works as a liaison, facilitating the communication between business and technical teams. Piyush has strong experience gathering and documenting client requirements, helping teams to understand the requirement so that the end product meets the clients needs.



Utkarsh Kumar Saxena

Senior Business Analyst

Utkarsh has joined Panamoure as Senior Business Analyst and has 8 years experience analysing business solutions and supporting business solution software.



Vinod Kumar

Security Tester

Vinod is a Cyber Security Engineer with 3 years of experience in Manual and Automated Security Testing in the field of Cyber Security, Web Application Security, OWASP Top 10, Web Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management, SQL Injection, XSS, XXE and Vulnerability of broken authentication.



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We welcome a new starter to our team by sharing a brief introduction and a warm welcome.