Alistair Henderson

Our recent conversations with Professor Gonzalez, ahead of his attendance at the COP15 of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity this week, highlighted for us the growing importance of biodiversity, not just to the environment, but also to the economies that are dependent upon it. In 2020, both The World Economic Forum and Swiss Re estimated that over 50% of global GDP is exposed to the risks associated with biodiversity loss. With the Food and Land Use Coalition’s Growing Better report forecasting a biodiversity and nature-first corporate business market to be worth over $1 trillion by 2030, it is no surprise that biodiversity related investment opportunities are already catching the eye of more progressive investors. We see that technology is set to play a leading role in helping businesses and their investors realise some of that commercial opportunity. This report highlights some of the critical early indicators and value enhancing opportunities available to private equity investors, from both a fund and portfolio company perspective. 

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Panamoure’s clients represent a broad cross-section of the economy, with most being considered large-scale SMEs with £50-300m revenue. Firms of this size do not have the budgets to develop dedicated IT teams focused on AI. They frequently compete with larger firms and so need to focus their efforts on areas where they recognise potential for either improvement in their operating cost model or differentiation in what they offer customers.

Generative AI is seductive. The remarkable pace of adoption and the natural language simplicity of its interface has quite rightly grabbed attention. The potential business use cases are wide-ranging and, in many cases, profound but we are still very early in the adoption cycle. Firms looking to use Gen AI or other disruptive technologies to improve products or services need to consider their options before rushing in. Broadly speaking there are three main avenues available:

The questions we hear most from our PE PortCo clients revolve around what steps they can take towards being a more data-driven business. Exec recognise that AI is highly likely to change the way they run their businesses. The trouble is working out exactly what these changes might be and how to avoid falling for the hype that surrounds this fast-moving space.